Monday, March 17, 2014

Turnin' Hearts Like Bosses

Here we be again-another P-Day, another destiny :)
This past week has been BUSY! I'm amazed at the enthusiasm that the Lord has for missionary work. Often times I think of it just as us missionaries and members being excited to go share the Gospel with people, but I sometimes forget that the Lord is even more anxious for others' salvation than we are.
I feel that excitement here in Kuching. Things are just falling into place too well to call it a coincidence. Most things in life are like that, really, but I never really recognized or appreciated that until I became a missionary. Things really have been put into some great perspective here :)
In other news: Family history! Boom! It's certainly one of the greatest tools in a missionary's arsenal. Working with the family history senior couple, we're working on developing a family history pamphlet/brochure that we can start passing out to people. In addition to that, we're going to be able to set up a booth that will also broadcast information about family history to the world. Everyone has a family, and most everyone loves their families. Yesterday, we decided to go do a little bit of contacting. We knocked on one door, and the Buddhist who answered was at first hesitant and even against talking with us...but then we whipped out the family history card and the Spirit took care of the rest. Although he didn't show much interest in the Church at all, he was interested in the site and (as far as we know) will be looking into it in the near future. Moments like that: 1) Restore my faith in humanity; and B) Help me appreciate the power of family history. The Spirit of Elijah really can penetrate even the hardest of hearts and can soften anyone to the truthfulness of the Gospel. 
Today for Personal Study I had the opportunity to study a LOT about the Savior. More than usual, I mean. Today's focus, without any prior preparation by yours truly, consisted of Luke 2, Mosiah 4 (the beginning few verses), and a chapter from Jesus the Christ. It was awesome to reminisce on the Redeemer of mankind. He loves each and every one of us--I know that that is a fact. I have felt that love guiding and helping me through life. I'm so grateful for His sacrifice and for the Atonement that He performed. I am grateful that even though I am far from perfect, I can one day rest with Him and with my family forever. 
Keep on keepin' on.
Love you all,
Mai Zhanglao

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