Monday, February 24, 2014

"I Think I'm Quite Ready for Another Adventure..."-Bilbo Baggins

To My Fellow Hobbits:
Once upon a time, back in first grade, I dressed up as Bilbo Baggins for a Red Ribbon Week activity (or maybe it was Halloween...can't quite recall...whoops ;) ). Anywho, even before that, I was in love with The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings books, and so I find it only fitting to draw inspiration from them. The name of this here blogspot is one such quote. And it perfectly describes my feelings for the upcoming week, because guess what?!?! I'm being transferred!! Crazy, huh? :)
After a little over 6 months here in Miri, I'm bound for Kuching. (Fun fact: In Bahasa Melayu, the word 'kuching/kucing' means cat. If you scroll through the photos I've sent in the past, you'll have seen that I've been to this city once, and it truly does have a lot of cats...and not just live ones, but stone statues too. Fun fun fun :) )
Anywho, tomorrow afternoon I'm bound for 'the promised land'/Kuching. It's going to be an awesome adventure, and I'm very excited to begin it! But as I do so, I can't help but marvel at the ache that's in my heart at leaving Miri. I've come to love the people here with all of my heart. They are so precious to me, and they have come to own a special place in my heart. There are some that say that, because I teared up yesterday as I was giving a departing testimony during Sacrament Meeting, I need to hand in my man-card. But for all of you out there with that mentality: "Nanren ku, bushi zui." Boom. Roasted :)
I will miss Miri a whole lot, and I have said and will say many, many prayers on behalf of the wonderful people here. That won't ever stop. Miri has become my home, and our wonderful little Chinese/English branch has become my family. I love them, plain and simple :)
I'm so grateful for the Plan of Salvation. It ensures that we won't just live with family forever. It guarantees that friends will live with us too. After all, we are all one big family, all of us direct descendants, sons and daughters, of our Heavenly Father. He is eager to bless us and wants for the whole human family to be sealed together in one great, neverending round. That is the work of temples. That is the work of missionaries. That is the work of love. That is the work of God. As I said: I'm SO grateful for the Plan of Salvation. Death or departure from an area aren't the end of friendships or love. They're just a little hurdle that, through the enabling power of the Atonement, can be mounted and conquered. 
I love you all, and hope that you have a tremendously grand and great week! Keep on keepin' on! Remember who you are and what you stand for! In the words of some clever missionaries from past years: The Book is blue and the Church is true! :)
Zai jian to Miri, ni hao ma to Kuching :)
Mai Zhanglao :)

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