Monday, November 18, 2013

Why Should We Mourn?

Dear friends, family, and poisonous reptiles,
Whew! P-Day is upon us once again, and it sure is nice to take a break and reflect on this past week. SO MUCH HAS HAPPENED! And for that I am grateful. We're entering rainy season here in every day we get a rainstorm. Thankfully they've mostly been at night, so we haven't had to bike through them...mostly...There have been a couple times (take last P-Day, for instance), when we came home with waterlogged shoes and tired eyes, ready for some sleep after biking through rain that surely rivals that of the Flood. :) On the plus side, we get some super impressive lightning storms because of rainy season. It's always inspiring to me to see the flash of lightning off in the midst of Malaysia, sharp forks tearing their way through the sky. It's awe-inspiring, it's heavensent--it always points my heart to God.
This whole week has, in fact.
On Friday me and my companion/son (yep, we call trainees 'sons' here in this mission :) ) journeyed forth to a particular area of Miri. We were hoping to have a correlation meeting with our group leader...but no one was home. We went to a nearby park to formulate some sort of battle plan; turns out that right behind where we were sitting was the house of a friend of someone whose house we'd knocked several days prior. We then went to a less active's house and were able to teach an unexpected lesson to her. Throughout the rest of that day the Lord provided countless little miracles that boosted our faith and helped us to further the less active work here in Miri. It brought to mind the words of Moroni when he pleadingly and happily cries: "God is still a God of miracles!" (See Mormon 9). I know that He is! Despite all of the hardships that do easily attack us, despite the trials we are called to endure, He lives and He is still a God of miracles! And I testify, with all boldness of soul, that the best miracles are the SMALL ones! A piece of free watermelon along the highway; handing a Book of Mormon--a ray of light in a world of darkness--to an interested soul; the taste of ice cream on a hot Malaysian day; a gentle breeze that helps push you along as you're biking.
The Lord is great; and despite--or maybe because--of His greatness, He can be best found in the small and simple things. The small and simple sights and sounds and tastes and feelings. 
I know that this work is true--I know that the Great Jehovah directs it and that He is in every detail thereof. He delegates and micromanages; He assigns and He aids; He perfects and He blesses. He is our Master and our King, our Elder Brother and our Friend. 
I love y'all and wish you the greatest week evs! Remember who you are and what you stand for ;)
God be with you till we meet again, 
Mai Zhanglao :)

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