Monday, September 9, 2013

Hello Everybody! Just Another Week in Paradise

Another week has come and gone here in the good ole city of Miri. We've had several times of quite torrential rain, which has been super exciting. Also, fun fact: I've started adding some variety to my diet. Yep, this week I dined on quite a bit of...yes, you guessed it, INSTANT NOODLES! Hooray for Ramen! (Or, as we like to call them in the Mitchell family, snake noodles :) ) Pretty much a party. 
We've done a lot of biking this past week, and I'm pretty sure that I'm the buffest redhead that's ever lived. Humble a statement as that is, I have to admit: I check myself out in the mirror daily (okay, more like 5 times a day). My biceps are getting pretty impressive right about now :)
This past week I've been working on patience. It's been fun and a struggle all at the same time. The Lord really does give you plenty of opportunities to test and exercise your patience when you ask for it! I testify of that! :) But as we have patience and as we strive to continually love those around us, He empowers us to soar to greater and higher heights. I'm so thankful for this Gospel and for the many blessings that it can afford us! The happiness and joy that come from giving a Book of Mormon to someone who's never heard of Jesus Christ before are remarkable and wonderful and I love it so much! Being able to help people understand the why and how behind this mortal life is an experience more precious than gold! And it's not just an experience a missionary has to have: It's an experience ANYONE, ANYWHERE can have! All are entitled to this, and I testify of that!
I love you all! Sorry for the briefness of this week's message--next week I'll try to be a little longer (if I'm not too busy looking at my reflection in the nearest shiny object ;) ).
I love you all! God be with you till we meet again!
Mai Zhanglao :)

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