Monday, November 10, 2014

Choose the CPR

Hello to errbody! :)
This past week has been awesome. A little hectic with transfers and getting missionaries from here to there, but all in all a super awesome time :) We also had MLC this week, so we got to receive instruction and counsel from President Mains again. It was awesome! One of the things that he emphasized during MLC was the importance of establishing that focus on God. How do we establish that focus?
Simply put, CPR. When a person is drowning and is full of water, they need CPR in order to save their lives. Similarly, spiritual CPR keeps us afloat and helps us to build faith and repent (the two basic building blocks of the Gospel of Jesus Christ). So, what is spiritual CPR, then? Church, Prayer, and Reading Scriptures (CPR...get it? :) ). Anywho, these three simple things are so simple and so small, but they are SO CRUCIAL! Daily prayer and scripture study allows us to keep open the channels of communication between us and our Father in Heaven. We plead to, implore, and thank Him through prayer; He responds to, guides, counsels, chastens, and blesses us as we open up the words of ancient and modern prophets.
And Church attendance? What's so important about that? At Church we renew the covenants we've made by partaking of the Sacrament. We take part in remembering the single greatest event of all time--even the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Weekly immersing ourself in this experience is SO PIVOTAL! 
These three things are so simple, and so often overlooked. But if everyone understood the potential of CPR, the work of salvation would hasten tenfold faster than it currently is. By living these simple things, we build our faith in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. We are prompted to repent of our mistakes and continue holding true to the covenants we've made by keeping the commandments we've been given. We would be on a sure and steady course to the celestial kingdom; the gates of hell could not overpower us, despite the winds and trials and turbulations that life surely will bring. Our testimonies will burn bright, and we will come to know and understand the purpose of life and the relationship that we have the potential to have with our Savior and our Father.
I invite all y'all to do everything you can this week to daily pray and study the scriptures, and to attend church, partake of the Sacrament, and learn the Gospel next week at Church. God will not leave us helpless :)
I love you all! Have a marvelous day! :)
Mai Zhanglao

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